Energy education for schools

“Each cell counts”

As part of its “pro clima – We’re acting now” sustainability programme, Swiss Post is participating as a partner in the energy education project “Each cell counts” (JZZ), run by the climate protection organization myblueplanet. It supports schools throughout Switzerland in building a solar power system on their roof. The locally produced electricity is consumed directly in the building, so there is no detour through the grid required: a cost-effective solution. The schools also integrate campaign-based educational input concerning energy, climate protection and sustainability into their curriculum, with JZZ making proposals for excursions, project weeks and campaign days such as Black Out Day – a school day without electricity – or Construction Site Day, where students actively get to grips with making their own solar power system a reality.

The JZZ project also involves local people and organizes joint events with schools and municipalities. Swiss Post employees can also get involved by volunteering for JZZ and helping to install the solar panels.