Investment in cross-border online retail

Asendia invests in e-commerce

Asendia is currently one of Swiss Post’s largest and most lucrative commitments abroad.Ulrich Hurni Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asendia

Since 2013, Asendia, the joint venture between France’s La Poste and Swiss Post, has held an interest in eShopWorld, an Irish company based in Dublin and offering e-commerce solutions. eShopWorld is currently considered the fastest growing technology company in Ireland. In August 2017, based on very strong results from eShopWorld and as part of Asendia’s growth strategy in the globally booming e-commerce market, Asendia increased its stake in eShopWorld to 50.1 percent.

eShopWorld offers leading international customers solutions for cross-border online retail, supporting them in webshop set-up, currency conversion, customs clearance, shipping and returns management. The company processes 2.1 million payments and 2.5 million parcels annually. eShopWorld services are an important part of the international e-commerce value chain, and the services offered by the company are marketed by Asendia.

With more than 1,000 employees, the joint venture Asendia currently operates in 15 locations in Europe, Asia and the United States. Swiss Post and France’s La Poste each hold a 50 percent stake.