PostalNetwork results

Swiss Post offers the densest network of postal services in Europe: in 2016, there were 3,800 access points, while the figure for last year had already reached 3,870. By 2020, Swiss Post will expand the postal network to more than 4,200 customer access points. Losses in over-the-counter transactions were offset by network development and the consistent adaptation of services to customer requirements. The PostalNetwork unit’s operating result improved by 34 million francs to –159 million francs year-on-year. Operating income was down by 94 million francs (previous year: 1,196 million francs). This was due to falls of more than 7 percent in letter volumes and 6.5 percent in over-the-counter payments resulting from growing use of digital services (including e-mail and e-banking). Thanks to investment, PostalNetwork will also continue to safeguard its part of the universal service. Swiss Post is investing in its self-operated branches and testing a new branch model. This new concept focuses on Swiss Post products, consultation on digital and physical postal services and integrated self-service solutions.